"For years the church has talked about how to “lock the back door”, and retain new members. Many have written and discussed various ways to accomplish this, most without much success. Dr. Jackson Doggette Jr. has created and written a nurturing template that if adapted to the context of each local church, and followed, the congregation will be able to keep the people won to Christ. In this book, Retaining the Harvest, Dr. Jackson lays out a plan of assimilation, involving the entire congregation. He shows how people need people who can nurture them. It affirms that those whom God has blessed people to win, can be kept and become effective disciples." - Charles W. Drake III, Retired Pastor-Evangelist and Administrator 


This book contains over 100 pages of suggestions for attracting, engaging, and keeping the people you win to Christ in your ministry. The Retaining the Harvest System™ is an easy step-by-step process any church or ministry can follow to make evangelistic efforts more effective.

Retaining the Harvest Ebook